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Wedding day

The wedding day is a very special day in the couple's life. It's a long-awaited, planned and dreamed day so no detail is left to chance.

Save Moments Wedding Photography is composed of a team specialized in weddings that strives to be an integral part of your history, helping to immortalize that day in the best possible way.

We follow a spontaneous style of photography, without poses or scripts, so that the end result is genuine memories of moments and feelings that really happened and weren't enacted. We prefer that your day happens as spontaneously as possible, thus avoiding the traditional wedding photos that, because they are staged, end up falling into a pattern that steals the uniqueness of the day and of the family and newlyweds relationship.

We try to capture feelings as they happen and the results have delighted all our customers.

The hug from a father, the tear that insists on falling on the mother's face, the brother or friend who helps with the tie, the emotions that arise as they are!

These are moments, feelings and memories that will be recorded so that one day they can relive them on the day that marks the beginning of the rest of the couple's life, now married.

Your moments, your story are precious to us!