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Save Moments - Wedding Photographer

SaveMoments bets on creativity and competence in all the work it carries out. With young and experienced photographers, everything is designed according to the style and ideas of your bride and groom, thus offering a fully personalized service in recording one of the most important days of your life.

Betting on capturing the best moments and offering your fiancÚs the best and most complete memory of your day, SaveMoments works with the best photographic equipment and the best techniques in image processing and editing.

Our photography is done in a free and spontaneous way, without forced poses, making the couple more comfortable, intending to record them in the most natural way possible.

All our Weddings always start with the engagement session (pre-wedding/icebreaker session), in order to get to know more about the couple and show our way of working, thus intending to make you much more comfortable with the cameras for your wedding day.

SaveMoment's team is formed by 2 photography operators and 2 film operators, who accompany the bride and groom throughout the event, they would always have a team of 4 professionals at your wedding, with no time limits.